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Automated Incubators and Storage Systems Increase Throughput and Sample Protection

Improved sample safety and faster plate access for large-capacity microplate incubation applications

Thermo Scientific Cytomat 24 automated incubators and storage systems
  • Offers stable high relative humidity levels through an integrated humidity reservoir, preventing culture desiccation
  • Features alerts indicating when a water refill is required, avoiding the risk of an empty reservoir
  • Reduces contamination through the ContraCon automated decontamination routine
  • Enables speedy access to plates via a dedicated plate shuttle system design
  • Provides enhanced ease-of-use through user prompts and alerts for parameter tracking
  • An optional Hydra smart technology feature is offered for precise humidity control
by Thermo Fisher Scientific
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LANGENSELBOLD, GERMANY — May 18, 2021 — Pharma and biotech laboratories performing high-throughput screening, high-content screening and molecular cell biology can now benefit from a series of new automated incubators and storage solutions that offer a large capacity, fast access and wide temperature range, while helping eliminate contamination issues in high-throughput environments.

The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 24 automated incubators and storage systems bring the latest incubation technology to large capacity microplate incubation applications, with excellent temperature uniformity and stability that ensure reproducibility for cell culture applications. The systems provide speedy delivery of microtiter plates through an advanced plate shuttle system to meet the needs of high-throughput laboratories and accelerate research. An LED touch screen is door mounted for easy accessibility and viewing. Convenient on-screen user prompts provide enhanced ease-of-use.

“As automated systems are adopted across a range of expanding applications, we continue to see new challenges arise, such as the need to minimize contamination risks in large capacity cell culture applications,” said Hansjoerg Haas, senior director and general manager, lab automation, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Through a fully automated ContraCon decontamination routine, the Cytomat 24 automated incubators and storage systems simplify cleaning and disinfection, providing our customers with confidence in their sample integrity. Customers are always looking for opportunities to increase productivity in their processes while ensuring the quality of the samples and results. The Cytomat 24 automated incubators and storage systems reduce the mean plate access time to 15 seconds—allowing users to achieve their research goals in less time.”

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