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Automated Loss on Drying

Lose the frustration, not the results

LECO TGM800 Thermogravimetric Analyzer with Lid Open

Lose the frustration, not the results, by automating your loss on drying methods.

by LECO Corporation
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Q: Loss on drying methods are lengthy and labor-intensive, with many manual steps and long analysis cycle times.

Loss on drying methods are useful analyses that determine the moisture content in a variety of materials, such as soils, foods, and feeds. However, the traditional methods for these tests involve lab technicians weighing and reweighing every single sample as they transfer them between ovens and desiccators. Between the cost of labor, the cost of time, and the attention to detail required at every step, loss on drying methods are frustrating and tedious.

A:Automated thermogravimetric analyzers such as the TGM800 allow for bulk analyses while minimizing human error.

LECO’s TGM800 is designed to deliver loss on drying results for up to 16 samples in a single analysis batch. Technicians only log in the samples and record their initial mass. The TGM800 handles everything else.

The analysis conditions of every sample batch can be easily configured to match current methods, while automated mass constancy optimizes the drying time. A mobile app allows technicians to start an analysis and walk away from the instrument, freeing up their time and their minds to focus on the next task.

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