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Automated Protein Characterization at Single-Molecule Level in Solution

New mass photometer with automatic loading and analysis of biomolecular samples, announced

Mass photometer on a white background

The instrument provides researchers with automated direct mass measurements of up to 14 samples in one hour using the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of mass photometry.


Refeyn was spun out of Oxford University in 2018 with the goal to make mass photometry available to the scientific community. The opportunity around our unique technology has attracted a...

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OXFORD, UK — Refeyn, the mass photometry pioneer, has announced the launch of its new TwoMP Auto mass photometer, a unique instrument for the automatic loading and analysis of biomolecular samples for protein characterization at the single-molecule level. Launched at SLAS in Boston, the instrument provides researchers with automated direct mass measurements of up to 14 samples in one hour using the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of mass photometry—Refeyn’s novel molecular mass measurement technology.

The introduction of the TwoMP Auto closely follows the launch of Refeyn’s SamuxMP benchtop mass photometer for AAV analysis, continuing the company’s momentum in product innovations based on mass photometry. The TwoMP Auto represents a significant shift in protein characterization workflows, enabling scientists to save time and effort through autonomous label-free analysis of biomolecules in solution with minimal sample consumption. Applications of the technology range from purity assessments to interaction analyses. The automation simplifies workflows such as titrations and screening assays, which can be run accurately and reproducibly without operator input, freeing up valuable research time and minimizing the chance of human error.

The TwoMP Auto, which integrates a liquid-handling robot, is operated with Refeyn's AcquireMP software. Refeyn’s complete software solution enables the user to define the experimental setup, collect data, and analyze and visualize the results. The robotics unit can also be retrofitted to Refeyn’s existing OneMP and TwoMP mass photometers, and is ideal for any task that requires precise, repeated molecular mass characterization and comparison of different conditions or sample compositions.

“We are pleased to continue our new product introductions with the launch of our TwoMP Auto mass photometer for the rapid and autonomous direct measurement of molecular mass in a variety of applications”, said Matthias Langhorst, CPO, Refeyn. “We developed the TwoMP Auto to free up valuable time for scientists and enable labs to work more efficiently.”

Mass photometry is a highly novel tool that is unmatched in its versatility and capability in delivering rapid, simple single-molecule measurement. In addition to offering distinct information on individual particles, mass photometry enables more efficient and effective use of existing specialized technologies, for example, in verifying sample quality prior to cryoEM analysis. The technology also provides significant practical benefits over other methods, such as mass spectrometry, size exclusion chromatography, and surface plasmon resonance by removing the need for labels and providing accurate characterization of biomolecules in solution at the single-molecule level.