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Webinar: Automated Tools for the Modern Lab

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Automated Tools for the Modern Lab
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Join our experts in a live interactive webinar discussion

By capitalizing on automated technologies in the laboratory, researchers are able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of laboratory research. The use of automated instruments, devices, and methodologies to execute basic laboratory procedures is now commonplace in many labs. For researchers, this means that they are no longer engaged in tasks of tedious repetition and can focus on experiment design and analysis. At the management level, laboratory automation means faster production and lower costs.

The editors of Lab Manager have recruited a group of leading industry experts to provide an interactive discussion of multi-discipline solutions to transform your lab and reap the benefits of automated solutions. Join the discussion in this live webinar presentation.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • The level of automation that is available for your lab today and for the future
  • How to overcome barriers to implementation
  • Practical and financial considerations when investing in lab automation