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Automating Lab Information Management Systems



GoMeyra LIMS is a comprehensive and fully customizable cloud-based laboratory information management solution developed by bringing together the expertise of world-class scientists and lab informatics with enterprise-level software engineers and...

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Jaswant S. Tony is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoMeyra, an innovative cloud software company providing enterprise technological solutions for the health care industry. Its premiere product, GoMeyra LIMS, is an automated, customizable laboratory information management system that improves workflow efficiencies, enabling laboratories, medical providers, employers and enterprise organizations to process lab tests and deliver patient results with unprecedented speed. GoMeyra NETWORK, a unique built-in feature, allows independent labs across the country to collaborate and compete with larger diagnostic providers. For more information, go to

Q: When did you decide to start GoMeyra and why? 

A: I started GoMeyra in 2020 during the early months of the pandemic, when testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus had become a problem. There was a dire need for public access to tests and a software platform that processed test data efficiently. GoMeyra LIMS met the challenges and turned a LIMS platform into a solution that works fast and facilitates seamless communication between scientists, businesses, laboratories, and the public.

Q: What problems do GoMeyra’s products resolve, and how does the company’s platform hierarchy accommodate these goals? 

A: Our cloud-based LIMS software solution enables laboratories, medical practices, and other health care facilities to manage samples and process accurate test results quickly. The system greatly reduces the need for manual data input, mitigating the risk of human error. It is designed to alleviate bottlenecks and streamline workflows to significantly improve turnaround time. The all-inclusive software offers faster accessioning, front-end integration with client electronic health records (EHRs), simplified record keeping and reporting, and capacity for adding assay workflows. In many ways, GoMeyra’s intuitive LIMS architecture has elevated testing, assessment, and delivery of results within the medical laboratory industry.

Q: What are the innovative features of GoMeyra’s LIMS? 

A: GoMeyra LIMS follows a platform similar to Microsoft Office 365. It has the ability to link multiple labs within one system and fully integrate lab management workflows in an online platform that is far more flexible, structured, and efficient than many legacy systems. When you use GoMeyra LIMS, you become part of GoMeyra’s private lab-to-lab network, which was built into the system and continues to grow. It allows labs, regardless of location, to work together to efficiently manage overflow testing and guard against bottlenecks. In essence, the GoMeyra NETWORK maximizes each lab’s capacity and versatility during spikes in testing nationwide. Additionally, having a LIMS that speaks to other labs enables smaller independent labs to team up, take on more business, and compete with larger diagnostics providers. Local labs can easily scale up and operate as national businesses.

Q: How do these advanced features specifically benefit medical labs, providers and patients?

A: The growth of precision medicine necessitates innovation. GoMeyra’s advanced features help automate existing lab workflows and processes to dramatically speed up test processing, increase productivity, and expand daily testing capacity. This makes it easier for labs to deliver same-day updates for test results to doctors and their patients. In addition, GoMeyra LIMS maintains strict compliance with recognized data security and privacy standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST, and NIST. Using GoMeyra’s compliant platform, independent labs can become certified to handle testing for large organizations, which may not have been possible with an in-house LIMS.

Q: What new products or modules are next for GoMeyra? 

A: GoMeyra will be expanding its LIMS platform, adding diverse panels and test processes for male and female health services, flu testing, and more.

We also recently launched GoVirtual Clinic. This single-interface cloud-based telehealth solution allows labs, physicians, or nurses to administer medical tests and consult with patients over a secure remote platform. In the first phase, users can schedule and manage virtual testing appointments, order test kits, monitor online waiting rooms, conduct virtual appointments, and share test results with patients in real-time. We will soon release more modules for updating medical histories; ordering prescriptions, labs and imaging; accessing test results; coordinating insurance; handling billing; and more – all from a single portal.