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Eliminate User Variation Across Experiments With the Avidien Micropro 300

A compact, semi-automated benchtop 96 channel pipetting solution

Eliminate User Variation Across Experiments With the Avidien Micropro 300

The most compact and effective 96 channel semi-automated benchtop pipettor on the market. It is accurate, affordable, efficient, reliable and easy to use.

by Avidien
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Your problem:

Accuracy and experiment repeatability decrease as muscle fatigue sets in during handheld pipettor usage. 

Across the sciences, experimental repeatability is the signature of high-quality research. However, one of the most essential laboratory tools for molecular biology, the pipette, is susceptible to subtle differences in handling. In particular, a day of pipetting for 96-well assays can easily fatigue even the most experienced technician, leading to variation in small liquid volumes that impact accuracy and results. Even with a handheld multichannel pipette, variation in user technique and channel accuracy can lead to discrepancies across wells. These effects are amplified when experiments are performed by multiple lab members, who often introduce unique pipetting styles or minor differences in experimental protocol.

Our solution:

The microPro 300 semi-automated pipettor eliminates user variation across experiments and encourages adherence to a uniform protocol.

The microPro 300 offers a suite of features that drive accuracy, efficiency, and experimental repeatability. When working in 96-well plates, the microPro offers fast pipetting that is uniform across the plate and between experiments. The microPro never gets tired, offering identical pressure, speed, and angle for every channel, every time. Further, the intuitive iPad interface offers the option to program complete protocols with step by step prompts, including non-pipetting steps. This aligns lab members on changes to common protocols and promotes consistency across the lab. With numerous options for customization to each lab’s needs, the microPro’s flexible settings and interface provide nearly unlimited options for supporting repeatability in 96-well protocols.