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B Medical Systems Premium Series Laboratory Refrigerators

Laboratory refrigerators are specifically engineered to establish and maintain uniform temperature for storage and protection of high value materials used in clinical, research and pharmaceutical applications

B Medical Systems Premium Series Laboratory Refrigerators

Refrigerators feature an intuitive and ergonomic interface, remote monitoring alarm systems, superior energy efficiency, and secure key card access—9 models to choose from.

by B Medical Systems

These laboratory refrigerators are designed for a wide range of biomedical storage under controlled temperatures. Cabinets are built for real-world usage in busy laboratories where frequent door openings and high inventory loads are typical. All models feature interior rear wall airflow plenums to assure sufficient clearance around inventory loads providing stable and uniform storage temperatures when fully loaded.

  • SNAP-compliant refrigerants
  • Intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • Refrigeration and airflow systems designed for maximum performance and fast recovery