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Balances Resource Guide

Questions to ask when buying a balance

Lab balances are an investment in a laboratory's operational efficiency and its long-term scientific credibility. They play an instrumental role in nearly every laboratory, regardless of its field or focus. They form the backbone of precise measurements, impacting everything from routine sample analyses to advanced research endeavors. A balance's precision can have downstream effects on data quality, influencing the accuracy of research and production outcomes and, by extension, the reputation of the lab.

For lab managers, choosing the right balance requires both operational and budgetary considerations. Beyond the immediate needs of weighing powders, liquids, or solids, important considerations include the lab's future requirements, understanding calibration routines, and anticipating potential external influences like temperature or humidity fluctuations. Like other significant investments in lab equipment, tradeoffs between cost-effectiveness and quality, ease-of-use and feature richness, require thoughtful evaluation.

 In this eBook, you will learn about: 

balances resource guide
  • Questions to ask when buying a balance
  • Insights on laboratory balances
  • Is your balance ready for use?
  • Lab balances— weighing in the wind
  • Ultramicrobalances—the ultimate in precision
  • Software for laboratory balances

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