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flames ion chromatography chemistry
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Basics Of Ion Chromatography

A versatile analytical technique for ionic species

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ion chromatography (IC) is a physical-chemical separation method, which is based on the partition of an analyte between a liquid mobile phase and a solid stationary phase. The enormous improvement in the performance of modern ion chromatography is attributed to the increasingly better understanding of the stationary phases being used and the type of interactions being observed at the stationary phase surface.

Written by Joachim Weiss, PhD, leading expert in analytical chemistry, this eBook provides a comprehensive introduction to IC. With more than 250 pages, this resource will increase your knowledge of ion chromatography, improve your analytical skills, and and help you better understand best practices for IC.

Download this eBook now for a comprehensive guide to ion chromatography, courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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