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Because Knowledge is Power: SmartCapture - Business Intelligence for Smarter Decision

Knowing how instruments are utilized throughout your laboratory is important information to help you optimize operations, drive cost savings and improve productivity.  However, capturing information on instrument ultilization in a lab comprised of an array of different manufacturers, techniques, control software and computer platforms presents a difficult challenge.  Until now.

by Unity Lab Services

Introducing Unity SmartCapture Asset Utilization Monitoring

SmartCapture Asset Utilization Monitoring from Unity Lab Services combines innovative software technology with our extensive service expertise to deliver a comprehensive utilization monitoring solution for your laboratory.  SmartCapture provided automated daility capture of detailed utilization information for all of your instruments, regardless of manufacturer, technique and control software.  It integrates seamlessly into your existing lab computing environment to protect your current investment in instruments, software and training.

With Unity SmartCapture, you can:

  • Proactively adjust deliveru of planned services {e.g. PM, OQ} to match actual instrument usage to optimize service levels to reduce downtime and service costs.
  • Redeploy instruments from areas of low utilization to high utilization to balance workload and reduce downtime risk/
  • Factor current instrument utilization into your capital purchase and disposition decisions, optimizing your return on current investments and eliminating unnecessary future capital expenditures.

SmartCapture technology empowers you to make smart laboratory decisions based on real instrument and equipment usage information.  Finally, a solution that provides data across all makes and models.

The Power to Do More

  1. Configure - Our SmartStart™ Implementation Process ensures an optimized solution, customized to your unique lab requirements.
  2. Collect - Our proprietary SmartCapture™ Asset Utilization Software automatically collects and transmits asset utilization data.
  3. Analyze - SmartLogic™ Data Analysis process prepares data for smart decision making.
  4. Review and Enhance SmartTrac™ Metrics Review including: Regular reviews of instrument utilization information by one of our Utilization Data to Knowledge Specialists

Unity Lab Services' proven expertise combined with SmartCapture automatic data collection provides knowledge to: 

  • Balance instrument workload
  • Indentify redeployment opportunities
  • Optimize instrument and equipment service levels
  • Enabling you to reduce downtime risk, cut capital expenditures and decrease equipment maintenance costs.

Find out how SmartCapture can drive cost savings, improve lab productivity and power smart lab decisions at

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