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Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Introduces DxONE Clinical Information Management Tools

This informatics portfolio provides integrated solutions empowering operational and clinical decision-making

by Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
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Brea, Calif.  — Beckman Coulter Diagnostics introduces its DxONE information management solutions, an integrated system of technologies and capabilities, designed to ease data access and usability. DxONE is designed in response to the increasing challenges faced by laboratory technicians to expedite result times, reduce costs, maneuver personnel shortages, and navigate network consolidations. The suite of next-generation technologies applies cloud-computing to provide remote-access functionality for an “answers anywhere, anytime” approach to care and laboratory activities. The strategic combination of tools is expected to help laboratories achieve greater operational excellence and efficiency, and empower more confident decision-making. 

“We designed this system of products in direct response to the daily concerns faced by our customers,” said Christoph Moellers, vice president and general manager, workflow and information technology solutions business unit. “Not only are laboratory professionals today tasked with ensuring timely, reliable results to support patient care, but also they must manage the day-to-day operations in the laboratory. We saw that by giving them the right kind of information at the right time, we could greatly alleviate some of the pressures they face.” 

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The DxONE suite of information management solutions form a cohesive system of products designed to improve efficiency, give insight into operations throughout an entire network and create a more comprehensive understanding of laboratory performance.

  • DxONE Inventory Manager – Eases inventory control functions to help laboratories minimize costs, ensure tight turnaround times, track trends, and reduce administrative duties through automation and electronic capabilities; helps technicians focus more time on patient care
  • DxONE Command Central – Helps save valuable time by giving personnel the ability to monitor multiple instruments in real-time from a single workstation; aids in counteracting personnel shortages
  • DxONE Insights – Streamlines workflow and efficiency by connecting instruments throughout a laboratory network; provides greater access to actionable cloud-based analytics for closer monitoring of key performance indicators to aid in continuous improvement efforts 

“Technology has given us the ability to gather vast amounts of data,” said Christoph Moellers. “The challenge has been in taking all the data that is being collected and presenting it in a way that gives the laboratory the greatest benefit. We believe this unique combination of solutions does that, empowering laboratory personnel to achieve their operational and care goals.”

The DxONE integrated system of information management solutions represents Beckman Coulter Diagnostics’ role as an information and test consolidation partner for laboratories seeking to create better efficiencies and quality in patient care. It further expands the portfolio of clinical diagnostic solutions offered by the diagnostic companies of Danaher Corporation, which include Beckman Coulter, Cepheid, Leica Biosystems, Radiometer, and SCIEX Diagnostics. The breadth of this portfolio extends from the established to novel diagnostic technologies for clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories and point-of-care testing. With a rich history and a tradition of innovation, the diagnostic companies of Danaher remain committed to developing of new and unique diagnostic approaches for better, integrated patient care, and to helping the healthcare systems build comprehensive and efficient diagnostic services with high degree of automation, standardization and connectivity.

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