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Beckman Coulter’s New DxONE Inventory Manager Helps Laboratory Professionals Save Time and Money

Cloud-based solution streamlines labor-intensive inventory management tasks to improve resource management

by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
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  • Simplifies inventory management and enhances operation efficiencies
  • Cloud technology enables personnel to view real-time supply levels on demand and remote from a single dashboard
  • Gives technologists the ability to track each product by name, lot number, and location

Beckman Coulter announced commercialization of DxONE Inventory Manager, its automated, cloud-based software technology that simplifies inventory management and enhances operational efficiencies to help ensure timely delivery of patient test results. With DxONE Inventory Manager, technologists gain an end-to-end solution that streamlines inventory control activities, reallocating time spent on routine tasks to support greater focus on patient care. DxONE Inventory Manager is the latest offering in the company’s DxONE portfolio of clinical information management tools—a suite of next-generation solutions designed to standardize processes and optimize workflows through automated systems that increase laboratory efficiency.

“Today’s laboratories are faced with the need to increase efficiency while simultaneously improving quality and turnaround time,” said Erik Johnson, vice president and general manager of workflow and informatics, Beckman Coulter. “With DxONE Inventory Manager, we bring laboratories a solution that gives them back a critical resource—time. For many laboratories, managing supplies involves repetitive, time-consuming and often manual tasks. DxONE Inventory Manager eliminates the administrative aspects of supply management by automating the recording, tracking, ordering and monitoring of consumables. This reduces workload burden, minimizes waste and ensures stock is available when needed for uninterrupted operations.”

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Cloud technology enables personnel to view real-time supply levels on demand and remotely from a single dashboard to better track consumables across a laboratory network. With DxONE Inventory Manager, users can manage the entire inventory process in three easy steps: click a button to accept orders, deplete an item to update supply status automatically and confirm a system-generated reorder. The fast, easy-to-use system gives technologists the ability to track each product by name, lot number and location, and alerts staff to low supplies. Alerts are also available to ensure consumables are used on a first-in, first-out basis, helping laboratories avoid unnecessary waste for greater cost efficiency.

The improved operational efficiencies made possible by DxONE Inventory Manager through resource optimization, cost reduction and streamlining of inventory management tasks are an outgrowth of Beckman Coulter’s investment into its DxONE portfolio—a combination of tools designed to produce actionable data to support decision making.

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