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BEING BOF Series Mechanical Convection Drying Oven

The BOF series oven provides a stable high-temperature environment for material testing and drying protocols, and enables drying and disinfection of  glassware, solid objects, solid materials, process equipment, and more.

by BEING Instruments
Intelligent Color Touchscreen Controller

The NEW 4.3-inch capacitive display ensures touch sensitivity and precision—even when wearing gloves. Set all the operating parameters quickly, simply, and intuitively thanks to user-friendly screens, icons, and symbols. Store 7 programs with 9 steps each and record experiment data on a USB flash drive.
Safe Operation

Designed, manufactured, and tested to the DIN 12880-2007 standard, the BOF series is full of safety features to protect samples and operators, and prevent accidents. Features include over-current and over-temperature automatic shutdown and alarms, and anti-skid, anti-spill shelving, among many others.
Stainless Steel Drying Chamber Liner

The drying chamber has a 304 stainless steel liner with mirror polishing to provide excellent corrosion resistance. The liner has large radius curved corners for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Energy Efficient, Long Lasting, and Space Saving

The insulation and new silicone door seal minimize heat loss by 20 percent, reduce thermal power by 25 percent, and prolong the heating elements’ life compared with traditional equipment. The fan power adjustment improves the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and increases motor service life by up to 30 percent. The ability to stack the BOF-50 and BOF-120 provides a compact and space-saving footprint.
Adjustable Drying Chamber Exhaust, and Temperature Test Hole

The air exhaust is easily adjustable to meet the situation. It improves the drying chamber’s ventilation efficiency, prevents excessive heat loss, and improves temperature uniformity. The temperature test hole allows the insertion of an external temperature probe into the drying chamber to validate temperature settings to actual chamber temperature.
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