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Better Pipetting: Better Data, Better Science.

The Andrew product family is unique in the liquid handling arena: It consists of portable, ready to use companion robots using conventional pipettes that can be used anywhere with little to no training. 

by Andrew Alliance

With Andrew, you get the best possible science by having accurate and reproducible results

The Andrew Alliance Line of ProductsAndrew AllianceWeighing only 20 lbs. and with a minimum footprint corresponding to a standard sheet of paper, Andrew can co-exist and work in a standard laboratory environment without a complex installation: on your workbench, under a hood, and even in a refrigerator.  The modular working deck allows the user to perform small to complex experiments in which the robot adapts itself to the experiment size (1-10 microplates, 1-150 microtubes, or many other potential configurations). Automation has never been so easy and accessible.

More Accurate Results: Automating pipetting eliminates many potential sources of error resulting in more reliable data. It can be challenging to keep focused during long and highly repetitive protocols. In addition, there is a large amount of variation between pipetting performances at different times of day within the same user and between different users in the same lab. Andrew helps eliminate human variation and fatigue which are both common causes for inter-laboratory and intra-laboratory variations. In addition, Andrew is able to deliver CV values of 1% and less across a volume range of 10ul- 1000ul providing superior pipetting performance.

Time and Money Saving: Many scientist average 2 hours per day completing liquid handling tasks. Andrew enables lab personnel to use their time more efficiently resulting in immediate increased productivity. In addition to Andrew’s ability to run for hours unattended, there is no need to adopt new consumables as Andrew allows the use of generic commercially available products so the lab stays in control of the supply budget. In many cases, Andrew can pay for itself within a year.

Preserve Worker Well-Being: Pipetting requires repetitive movement up to 500 times per day for the average user and could result in Repetitive Motion Syndrome. Holding the pipette in the proper way and depressing the plunger with up to 4kg of force is not natural for the body which can result in pain and injury. Also, working with potentially hazardous materials or samples increases the risk of a lab workers’ exposure and the likelihood of lost time, lost productivity, and health risks. All of these factors potentially compromise the workers’ ability to perform necessary tasks that contribute to the success of the lab. Andrew helps the lab and personnel by limiting lost time due to pain injury, and exposure to biohazards.

Enhance Lab Productivity: Andrew Lab, the complimentary software, is extraordinarily easy to learn and use. You can rapidly design a protocol by dragging and dropping plates, tubes, reagents, etc., onto the virtual lab bench. The software creates the protocol recipe for you, computes all the amounts of liquids required, and will calculate concentrations for all reagents at any step of the process. The software interface is highly intuitive and easy for lab personnel at all levels of experience to run expertly with little training. The software and system are also very flexible. Whether you have a simple task that needs to be repeated many times or a complex process that changes each time you run it, Andrew adapts to your needs.