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Sample Security Through Quality Manufacturing

The integrity of samples is paramount in all critical laboratory processes, and important in more routine operations.


The integrity of samples is paramount in all critical laboratory processes, and important in more routine operations. The range of environmental control apparatus offered by BINDER Inc. includes full lines of ovens, incubators, CO2 incubators and constantclimate chambers manufactured in Germany and tested using the rigorous DIN 12880 specifications. This attention to quality performance assures that products and methods are consistent and reliable and that samples are conserved and protected.

Unique features that heighten performance characteristics are implemented across the BINDER product line. APT.line™ preheating chamber technology facilitates long-term temperature stability. APT-COM™ Software is available in Basic, Standard and GLP Editions and provides monitoring, control and documentation of all vital process parameters. Construction quality, levels of insulation, reliable door locks and ergonomic displays all add to the level of comfort experienced by both user and sample.

A summary of BINDER products provides both an overview of the breadth of the product line, offering apparatus for almost every application, including: biological research; chemical precipitation; drug metabolism research; drying of non-flammable crystalline chemicals, solid materials, filter paper and glassware; moisture content analysis and moisture elimination; pre-heating glassware and other containers; protein and starch digestion; tissue fixation or drying; quality assurance; stability testing; microbiology; pathology; and many others.

Ovens in natural, forced-air and gravity-convection designs find application in both rapid and routine drying and in sterilization. Units are available in 0.7 to 25 cu/ft capacity and cover a temperature range of 5 C above ambient to 300 C. Controller functions run from simple for constant temperature drying ovens to programmable with viewing windows for testing applications. Like all BINDER apparatus, the ovens incorporate user-friendly and easy-to-operate all-digital PID controller technology.

Incubators are offered in gravity and mechanical convection and refrigerated models, all told covering a temperature range of -5 to 100 C. There are units designed for long-term and stable, continuous operation that are ideal for the gentle incubation of organisms and for conditioning of heat-sensitive materials. Premium models process large numbers of samples at high throughput while keeping required temperatures virtually stable irrespective of how many times the door is opened. Various models offer capacities from 0.7 to 28.6 cu/ft.

CO2 incubator features protect rare and expensive samples while providing conditions that promote cell proliferation. A hot-air sterilization cycle initiates a 180 C, 9-1/2-hour cycle that provides a completely sterilized interior for incoming cultures. A condensation- free, seamless, deep-drawn interior and real-time CO2 measurement with homogenous CO2 distribution are representative of the cell-friendly environment. Models are offered for hypoxia research.

BINDER environmental chambers are available in capacities from 4.1 to 25.4 cu/ft, with temperature ranges from -10 to 100 C, with and without humidity (humidity range 10 to 90 percent). Select chambers incorporate homogenous light conditions along with temperature and humidity control. Shining in pharmaceutical stability testing and food and beverage monitoring, these units are also valuable for materials testing in electronics, plastics and other fields.

Across their product lines, BINDER’s long experience, stringent manufacturing processes and quality control, and the dependable, consistent performance of their products provide the best conditions for your success. The main BINDER North American web site, and access to all BINDER microsites, is available at For immediate response please contact Dave Craig, national sales manager at 631-224-4340 x 141 or