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Book Review: "Building a Cannabis Testing Laboratory" by Javier Diaz

A useful guide for those starting the cannabis testing journey

Scott D. Hanton, PhD

Scott Hanton is the editorial director of Lab Manager. He spent 30 years as a research chemist, lab manager, and business leader at Air Products and Intertek. He earned...

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Cannabis testing is a very interesting and growing space that can attract people to start new labs to address the sector’s needs. For those that are brand new to cannabis testing, the new book Building a Cannabis Testing Laboratory by Javier Diaz might be a good place to start. The book is short, easy to read, and provides clear starting points for someone brand new to the space.

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This book does a nice job of laying out the requirements of the lab for a quality system, quality assurance, avoiding regulatory pitfalls, and ideas of how to help the lab have business success. The section on marketing and business development can be especially helpful for scientists who decide to embark on this kind of business venture.

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Hopefully, this book appeals most to practicing scientists because the book is light on the science of cannabis testing. Experienced analytical chemists will probably have a clear understanding of the technical needs for a cannabis testing lab. There are ample resources for learning more about the science of cannabis testing, approaches to understanding contaminants in cannabis, the instruments required to conduct cannabis testing, and current research trends in cannabis.