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BRAND HandyStep Touch Repetitive Pipettes

Simple—Touchscreen operation. Easy—Automatic tip ejection. Efficient—Compatible with all standard tips

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Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Touchscreen operation with intuitive menu navigation and integrated help function.

Two models available

HandyStep touch for pipetting, auto-dispensing, and multi-dispensing options or HandyStep touch S with advanced features of multi-aspiration, sequential dispensing, and titration.

Automated tip recognition

Automatically recognizes the size of encoded BRAND PD-Tip II Precision Dispenser Tips upon tip insertion and displays the tip's volume, default dispensing volume, and default number of dispensing steps.

Variable volume adjustment

Options available from 1.0μL to 50mL.

Reduces repetitive motion by up to 97%

A unique Auto-Dispense operating mode in which the pipette "learns" the operator's dispensing rhythm and dispenses at that rhythm as long as the control button is depressed—no programming needed.

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Scientist holding the BRAND HandyStep Touch repetitive pipette

The BRAND HandyStep touch is the first electronic repeating pipette with touchscreen operation and automatic tip ejection

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