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BRAND® Titrette® Bottletop Burette Delivers Class A Precision

The BRAND Titrette® is the world’s first bottletop burette to provide titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes.

by BrandTech Scientific

The BRAND Titrette® is the world’s first bottletop burette to provide titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes. This precision is achieved through a novel magneto-resistive measurement system developed by BRAND that detects actual piston rod movement. Additionally, the system automatically detects the direction of rotation for seamless transition between filling and dispensing.

The Titrette offers a host of advanta ges over traditional glass burettes:

• Save time and stop wasting chemicals: The instrument mounts directly on the titrant bottle eliminating time consuming, potentially dangerous and wasteful liquid transfer and greatly improving productivity. An integrated valve conserves reagent when priming.

• Eliminate user errors and variability: Meniscus reading errors, variability between operators, and angular error from non-plumb orientation that can occur with glass burettes are eliminated with the digital display.

• Manage and analyze data with ease: Data transcription errors aren’t a worry with the optional RS232 interface. Data is transferred directly to a PC and time stamped, the data can be maintained in a database, spreadsheet or program of the users choice making analysis and GLP compliance a snap.

The Titrette® is suitable for most titrants in concentrations up to 1 mol/L, and is an excellent choice for general chemistry, wastewater treatment applications, food/beverage analysis, industrial titrations, environmental fieldwork and more. Constructed with chemically resistant materials the instrument is designed for use in a chemical lab environment and with a range of titrants. With proper use, dispensed liquid will only come into contact with the following chemically resistant materials: borosilicate glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, platinum-iridium and polypropylene (screw cap only). The instrument mounts directly on most titrant bottles, eliminating poured transfer, while the large digital display eliminates meniscus reading errors, and a recirculation valve simplifies priming and eliminates waste that often results from priming operations. If desired, the display can show a resolution of three decimal places for volumes below 20mL, to serve as a microburette. Included amber inspection windows help protect light sensitive titrants such as AgNO3. The titrating tube adjusts for length and height to accommodate any size titration vessel. The compact design fits conveniently on the bench top and battery power makes the Titrette® suitable for use in the lab or field. The instrument can be completely disassembled for cleaning or user servicing. An optional RS232 interface is available for direct data transfer to a PC.

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