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Cannabis Analytical Testing

JEOL TQ4000GC—pesticide and environmental contaminants GC-MS/MS testing

Cannabis Analytical Testing

The JEOL JMS-TQ4000GC triple-quadrupole GC-MS/MS system offers high speed and high sensitivity for quantitation of trace or residual pesticides.


With the recent surge in legalization of recreational and medicinal use of Cannabis sativa, there is a need for reliable analytical tools to meet the regulatory requirements for pesticide testing.

Patented Collision Cell Technology

Our short collision cell provides the fastest SRM switching speed in the industry–up to 1000 SRMs/s. Precise ion accumulation and ejection timing increases SRM measurement speed and sensitivity by reducing interference ions and background noise.

Pesticide SRM Library

We provide an SRM library that contains over 300 pesticides, and custom SRM profiles for new compounds can be created using our built-in SRM tools.

Easy Maintenance

Tool-less ion source removal makes routine maintenance easier and faster, reducing overall instrument downtime.

Fast GC Compatible

Combining our high switching speed with Fast GC provides high-throughput analysis (over 250 pesticides in just 15 minutes).

Time Dependent SRM

SRM channels are only monitored during the peak elution window to reduce the number of active SRM channels and increase the channel time for every reaction.

Comprehensive Software Package

JEOL msPrimo and Escrime provide all of the tools needed to develop optimized methods for target compound measurement and quantitation, as well as custom report generation.
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