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Certara Launches CODEx to Inform Comparative Effectiveness and Drug Development Decisions

CODEx streamlines the analysis of therapeutic area-specific literature data to assess a new drug candidate’s likelihood of regulatory and commercial success

by Certara
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Certara Clinical Outcomes Database Explorer PRINCETON, NJ – June 6, 2017Certara®, the leading provider of decision support technology and consulting services for optimizing drug development and improving health outcomes, today (June 6) launched its Clinical Outcomes Database Explorer (CODEx). An intuitive, web-based platform, CODEx enables drug development teams to easily visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate content from Certara’s Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases and assess a given compound’s probability of success against competitor drugs. 

Publicly-available clinical trial data represent an underutilized source of information. If properly extracted and analyzed, they provide valuable input for facilitating go/no go decisions, performing comparative effectiveness and portfolio evaluations in support of in/out licensing, and optimizing overall drug development decisions, including dose and dosing regimens. 

CODEx facilitates the effective use of information from the Certara Clinical Outcomes Databases, which are a collection of well-organized clinical drug efficacy and safety data from the published biomedical literature for different diseases. The 40 Certara databases are divided into four major categories: CNS and pain; inflammation; oncology; and cardiovascular, metabolic, and other therapeutic diseases. The oncology category, for example, includes data on non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic breast cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Additional databases can be developed upon request. Information is organized by trial, arm, patient demographics, treatment regimen, and outcomes for analysis-ready queries. 

“CODEx is a user-friendly and highly interactive interface used to make sense of the large and valuable amount of competitor clinical data available from the literature,” said Certara director of consulting services Leon Bax. “Through CODEx, scientists can efficiently explore data trends regardless of knowledge of the therapeutic area or coding.” 

“CODEx presents data in a clear, consolidated format to give users insights into data availability and data patterns, which can subsequently be leveraged in model-based meta-analyses for assessment of comparative effectiveness, endpoint-to-endpoint correlations, and probability of clinical trial success,” added Certara vice president of database products Nancy Zhang. “Its selection of interactive tools allows scientists to choose the best plots, graphs and tables to communicate and brainstorm best analysis strategies.”