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CFX Opus Real-Time PCR System

The CFX Opus system is the next evolution in qPCR from Bio-Rad

CFX Opus Real-Time PCR System

With improved thermal performance and proprietary, accurate optical shuttle system, your data will be more consistent than ever

by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Superior thermal uniformity

We took a great block and made it even better. The CFX Opus Systems use an improved version of the CFX Touch Systems’ block to offer exceptional performance and uniformity while keeping compatibility with our consumables. You’ll never worry about using the block from edge to edge again.

Expanded connectivity Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB

In addition to Ethernet connectivity, CFX Opus Systems can connect directly to a Wi-Fi network for wireless operation and data retrieval. Need flexibility? Stand-alone operation and direct data transfer to a USB memory device or connect to a PC.

Cloud connectivity

Use CFX Opus on our cloud platform with desktop CFX Maestro software. Bio-Rad's cloud platform provides a secure, modern, connected workflow for the instrument. Get the most out of your instrument by setting up experiments and retrieving data remotely, minimizing time needed at the instrument.

Network storage drive access for excellent data management

New network drive access allows you to save your data directly to your local network for easy access by collaborators or from other network-connected locations.

Shuttle optical system for greater consistency

The solid-state optical technology of the CFX Opus Systems provide sensitive detection for precise quantification and target discrimination. Scanning just above the sample plate, the optics shuttle individually illuminates and detects fluorescence from each well with high sensitivity and consistency.
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