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Characterize and Measure Individual Cells within Lung Organoids

Characterize and Measure Individual Cells within Lung Organoids

Lung organoids are an effective assay model for in vitro assessment of toxicity effects using 3D high-content imaging and analysis

by Molecular Devices, Inc.

Stem cell-derived and 3D cell models are becoming increasingly popular for studying complex biological effects, tissue functionality, and diseases. While complex cell models remain a hurdle for wider adoption in research and drug development, industry leaders are removing barriers with innovative hardware and software solutions that automate cell culture, monitoring, and cell analysis. Simultaneously, advances in high-content imaging technology are helping to reveal significant information from these complex biological systems, inviting scientists to push the boundaries of their research.

Download the application note to read more about using a high-content imaging method that monitors the growth and differentiation of lung organoids, as well as characterizes the complex responses to test compounds.