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Choosing the Right GC/MS and LC/MS Systems for Your Lab

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When it comes to separating chemical mixtures in a sample and sorting their constituent parts, gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) are two analytical techniques that are heavily favored by researchers around the world. Combined with mass spectrometry (MS), GC/MS and LC/MS can analyze and identify the separated components of a chemical mixture to great precision and sensitivity.

GC/MS and LC/MS provide incredible benefits but are also accompanied by their fair share of challenges surrounding proper sample preparation, amenable analytes of interest, contamination, and calibration failures, to name a few.

Download this article now to learn more about several approaches lab manager’s can adopt for tackling these challenges, beginning with investment in modern equipment alongside focused staff training programs. 

Choosing the Right GC/MS and LC/MS Systems for Your Lab

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