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Are You Looking to Improve Your Closed Cell Processing?

Cell separation, concentration, washing, and more

Solutions for manufacturing cell therapy products must be designed for safety, process flexibility, and scale-up from research through commercial manufacturing. A counterflow centrifugation system designed for closed manufacturing reduces the risk of errors associated with manual cell processing to create a safer product. A system designed for process flexibility allows users to optimize protocols for cell separation, washing, and concentration, and closed single-use kits enable sterile processing to facilitate scale-up to manufacturing. 

This resource guide outlines: 

  • The key benefits the versatile Gibco™ CTS™ Cell Therapy Systems (CTS™) Rotea™ Counterflow Centrifugation System
  • How the combination of instrument, kits, and software scales from research through commercial manufacturing
  • Performance data (including viability after T cell washing and concentration and high recovery from Leukopak bag)

Download this resource guide to learn how a closed cell-processing system for cell therapy manufacturing can seamlessly scale with your process from research through commercial manufacturing. 

A Closed Cell-Processing System for Cell Therapy manufacturing

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