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CO2Meter, Inc. Launches New MicroSENS HighTemp Incubator IR CO2 Sensor for Life Science Industries

CO2Meter partners with Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH to offer best in class CO2 sensor for incubation

by CO2Meter
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ORMOND BEACH, FL — January 14, 2020 CO2Meter Inc., a leading, worldwide manufacturer of high-quality gas detection and monitoring solutions, has released a new CO2 sensor for incubators that monitors and controls the environments for cell cultures, tissue samples, and bacteria growth patterns. The highly anticipated CO2 Incubator Sensor (MicroSENS Hightemp) will now provide reliable and highly accurate gas measurement in incubators without having to remove the sensor during high temperature sterilization cycles.

CO2Meter MicroSENS HighTemp Incubator IR CO2 SensorCO2Meter's MicroSENS HighTemp Incubator IR CO2 Sensor.Credit: CO2Meter“We decided to partner with Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH because of their 20+ years of experience in the manufacturing of IR components and measuring systems. We know that scientists, researchers, and laboratory technicians worldwide need a proven, reliable and accurate means of precisely controlling their chambers conditions all while eliminating contamination. The MicroSENS Hightemp sensor will set a new standard in the market because of its ability to accurately measure the precise CO2 concentration and to compensate temperature and humidity influence, while also being left in place during high temperature sterilization cycles. Our field testing partners have told us that the ability to leave the MicroSENS Hightemp IR CO2 Incubator Sensor in place during sterilization is an enormous time and cost savings to their laboratories. We feel like we have again created a product with massive competitive advantages in the market,” announced CO2Meter CEO, Travis Lenander.

While being able to ensure reliable and consistent measurements is vital in incubation it is not the only unique feature provided in the IR CO2 Sensor (MicroSENS Hightemp). Scientists, researchers, and laboratory technicians will be able to ensure less handling and assembly errors because of the integrated temperature and pressure compensation. Because the sensors were designed to withstand high temperature sterilization cycles up to 190°C (374°F) the sensors lifespan is dramatically increased. 

For years, incubator manufacturers and their end laboratory customers have worked to precisely replicate their cell cultures natural environment to allow for optimal environmental conditions. Laboratories utilizing CO2 incubators want to accurately measure the CO2 to control the pH levels in the chamber. The fast, accurate, and reliable MicroSENS Hightemp Incubator IR CO2 sensor makes this process easier by maintaining stable environmental conditions. With the release of this new Incubator IR CO2 sensor, CO2Meter will continue to innovate and exceed expectations in the industry by providing best-in-class sensing solutions for scientists, researchers, laboratory technicians, and customers worldwide.

“We strive to develop sensors and products that solve a customer’s needs. These solutions fill a “gap” in the market that we can then capitalize on and sell in to. The CO2Meter team takes pride in our ability to identify and become experts in specific markets allowing us to market and sell from a position of knowledge rather than being outsiders looking in. Our partners and customers tell us that this ability to speak as industry experts bundled with quality, and cost-effective solutions, is the largest reason CO2Meter is the preferred solutions provider,” offered CO2Meter VP of business development, Josh Pringle.

The partnership with Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, is very important to us in creating and releasing the MicroSENS Hightemp Incubator IR CO2 Sensor. “CO2Meter has always been viewed as the “leading source” in gas detection solutions and analysis. We found that the team at Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was able to supplement our existing products with high precision technology in the field of electronic microsystems and IR components. When we combine Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH knowledge, technologies, and extensive application experience with CO2Meter’s market leadership we can continue to create high quality solutions that solve existing market needs for our customers,” stated Lenander.

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CO2Meter is an industry leader in the manufacturing and design of gas detection solutions. They continue to provide solutions that meet the customer’s needs and exceed expectations for reliability, innovation, and service.

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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is one of the market leaders in the development and production of NDIR gas sensors and infrared components.