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Cole-Parmer Launches Digi-Sense® Data Loggers with TraceableGO™ Bluetooth Capability

Track environmental conditions of reagents, clinical samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and food items during transport

by Cole-Parmer
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Track environmental conditions of reagents, clinical samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and food items during transport with the new Digi-Sense Temperature Data Logger with TraceableGO Bluetooth Capability from Cole-Parmer. These compact, durable data loggers fit almost anywhere—even inside a small cooler. The data loggers are ideal for anyone who needs to make sure the temperature or temperature and humidity of their items remain at set parameters during transport.

These handy data loggers are easy to operate. Simply configure data loggers from any Bluetooth-enabled device using the TraceableGO app to set parameters and alarms. The data loggers can store up to 90 alarm events. NIST traceable calibration is included to ensure accurate, reliable measurements. Once the shipment is delivered, enable Bluetooth to export data to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and immediately see if shipment contents were exposed to conditions outside the set parameters.

Data logger owners can also subscribe to cloud-based TraceableLive® service to upload data to the cloud—ideal for tracking data from multiple loggers or to comply with regulatory agency requirements. This low-cost subscription provides unlimited trip data to be saved on the cloud and the ability to send a report to an email.

For more information on Digi-Sense Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers with TraceableGO Bluetooth Capability, go to or call our technical experts at 1-800-323-4340.

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