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Webinar: Common Errors in Fume Hood Safety

A scientist in sterile coverall gown pipetting medium or reagents for cell culture experiment in biological safety cabinet.
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Common Errors in Fume Hood Safety
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss common errors in fume hood safety, and how to improve safe fume hood performance at low cost

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Lab managers of chemical labs have a million things they are responsible for. In the area of safety, the fume hood is the most misunderstood and misapplied safety device in the lab. Fume hoods can help minimize fires, explosions, and harm from chemical vapors that you can’t see or smell. That’s why these chemicals need to go in the fume hood. But how do you know if your fume hood is safe? This webinar will talk about common errors in fume hood safety. Some improvements in safe fume hood performance are difficult and expensive, but other safety improvements are free and easy once you understand them. We will focus on those things you have control over as a lab manager that are either free or low-cost.