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Connecting Multiple Labs and/or Experiments: Unifying Science on Lab Automation Level

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss how to achieve infrastructure level automation

Automation Digital Summit Talk: Now On-Demand!

First, there was benchtop instrument-level automation, then integrated instrument automation, and now infrastructure-level automation—the ability to connect data and unify science across multiple geographically distributed labs or even separate workcells under the same roof. 

Automata is providing solutions that integrate benchtop instruments and smaller automation with a single digital platform to maximize utilization of existing lab instruments and information networks.

Director of product applications at Automata, Russell Green, will showcase with real use cases how to bridge existing automation together to achieve end-to-end automated workflows in the transition to infrastructure level automation:

  • Multi-site decentralized automation
  • End-to-end automated workflows
  • Multifunctional centralized automation to service varying site demand
  • Multi-workcell, shared capability infrastructure


Russell Green

Director of Product Applications

This Summit Talk was part of Lab Manager's 2023 Automation Digital Summit.

Laboratory automation systems provide increased precision and standardization and free up time for laboratory staff to perform other work. Automation also offers a virtual option for staff working in other parts of the lab, or working remotely. Lab managers are tasked with selecting the right system for their lab, which can be a daunting prospect. What are the steps you need to take to transition your equipment and staff to a new automated system? What questions should you ask a provider in order to determine if you’re choosing the right system for your facility?

Lab Manager recently hosted industry experts who spoke on these issues and more during its 2023 Automation Digital Summit. Industry experts offered insight and education on how you can choose the right automation system and software for your lab, and what you need to know about the use of robotics in lab automation. Discover the process behind transitioning into a cloud lab system, and what the future holds for lab automation. Watch for free on demand to gain the valuable guidance you need as you evaluate your lab’s automation needs.