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Scientist weighs sample on an analytical balance in a glove box
Man weighs sample on an analytical balance in a glove box

Cost-Effective, Turnkey Design, and Build Approach for All Your Isolation and Containment Needs

PLAS-LABS oversees everything from the initial design to the testing of the finished product in a modular construction process.

by Plas-Labs
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The manufacturing and production of effective, functional, results and performance-optimized equipment is vital to scientific research. In an age of technological revolution, advanced scientific instrumentation has paved the way for various breakthroughs. Scientific instruments provide researchers with the means for rapid data collection and analysis while ensuring accurate results. These instruments and devices come in many shapes and sizes, and equipment developers continue to build and enhance their functionality to help accelerate research and enable greater scientific innovation. Representative of these efforts, and with over 55 years of experience and more than 100 distributors globally, PLAS-LABS, Inc. is a world leader in the development and production of containment and isolation systems and related equipment. 

PLAS-LABS, Inc. – A Retrospective

Founded by Mr. David Regan in 1967, PLAS-LABS began as a company that initially sold plastic sheets, rods, and tubes to the local public, universities, and research laboratories. With the gradual development of a product line to further the business, PLAS-LABS began manufacturing lab chambers, desiccators, and animal care products regularly utilized by universities, pharmaceutical companies, government, and private research labs around the world. 

Fast-forward to the present, PLAS-LABS is a world leader in the production and supply of scientific research equipment. Boasting an impressive resume including several ISPE workshops on containment and potent compounds, 25 years as a member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), 40+ years as a member of the American Association of Lab Animal Science (AALAS), International committee member of the Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard (CWA15793:2008), and countless on-site customer visits from pharmaceutical clean rooms, anthrax labs, as well as USDA Poultry Labs, PLAS-LABS provides cost-effective, turnkey design and build solutions for researchers’ containment needs.  

Developing the labs of the future 

From initial design reviews, engineering, and CAD modeling to overseeing the manufacturing and testing of the finished product, PLAS-LABS’ products are developed with the end user in mind. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge, accumulated over many years of experience, and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, PLAS-LABS has manufactured products to help researchers produce results. 

The journey towards a completed custom product starts and ends with the client. The end-user first provides PLAS-LABS with the specifications they require. PLAS- LABS then creates 3D CAD drawings of the intended product. Barring any additional modifications, and post approval fom the client, PLAS-LABS proceeds to fabricate the product. Clients are welcome to review the product, once it is ready, either in person by visiting PLAS-LABS or via remote access. While turn-around times are largely dependent on the inherent complexity of the project, PLAS-LABS thrives on a straightforward approach that focuses on simplicity while avoiding over-engineering and providing rapid, affordable customized products. 

Glove boxes have been a specialty of PLAS- LABS having manufactured them for over 55 years. PLAS-LABS’ current product line of glove boxes including acrylic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen-dry glove boxes, temperature and humidity-controlled glove boxes, and HEPA-filtered isolation glove boxes have been utilized in research laboratories around the world. The more recent hypoxia chamber glove box is PLAS-LABS’ latest in CO2 control, oxygen control, and temperature-controlled containment systems; ideal for stem cell and cancer cell research. Beyond glove boxes, PLAS-LABS also hosts a robust product line of other scientific research equipment including gnotobiotic isolators, PCR chambers, low velocity fume hoods, desiccators, poultry isolators, tissue culture hoods, and stream tables, to name a few.

As one of the only glove-box manufacturers who offer a two-year warranty on their products, the PLAS-LABS team is geared to help the end-user create the perfect containment system for their specific application. Alongside the addition of a second headquarters in the Netherlands, PLAS-LABS is also able to cater their services to researchers throughout Europe. 


With an extensive history, PLAS-LABS is a global leader in the manufacturing and development of custom scientific products, specifically concerning isolation and containment systems. Supported by a global distribution network of over 110 distributors, PLAS-LABS hosts a diverse platform of products that cater to researchers’ needs. As the designing of scientific instrumentation gets increasingly complex, labs and researchers look toward quality manufacturing of products as a crucial factor for research and innovation. PLAS-LABS’ end-user-oriented approach sets the stage for a collaborative effort where clients can rely on an experienced manufacturer to produce the equipment they have in mind to help deliver the best results.

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