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Cost-Effectiveness and Reproducibility in a CO2 Incubator

Keep CO2 incubator costs under control, but still deliver reproducible results

Cost-Effectiveness and Reproducibility in a CO2 Incubator

 CellXpert C170i CO2 incubators can be tailored according to changing needs. Apply the options and features needed when they are needed. This reduces costs by allowing upgrades and accessories to be added only when the tasks and scope demand them.

by Eppendorf
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Q: Do you know how much you spend to keep your CO2 incubator up and running?

The total costs of ownership related to a CO2 incubator can be separated into four main   categories: (1) vessel usable space vs. used lab space (footprint); (2) regular replacement of internal parts (e.g. HEPA filters or UV lamps; (3) gas consumption; (4) future flexibility: adapting to changing needs and experimental setups. A CO2 incubator should reliably deliver reproducible results to reduce time to market or publication.

A:The CellXpert CO2 incubator was developed to address all the above-mentioned aspects: cut down on costs while delivering reproducible results.

Substantial costs up to the multiple of the initial investment can be saved with the CellXpert CO2 incubator. Here is how we solve the above-mentioned issues: (1) due to its fanless design, the CellXpert CO2 incubator offers up to 25% more usable space for more cell culture vessels; (2) there are no internal expendable parts (e.g. UV lamps); (3) gas consumption is significantly reduced; (4) there are many in-field upgradable options to adapt to future requirements (O2, humidity monitoring, and split inner doors).

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