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Cytation™ 5

Cytation™ 5 is a uniquely integrated, configurable system that combines automated digital widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate detection to provide phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data. 

by BioTek

With up to 60x magnification, the microscopy module provides high-quality cellular and sub-cellular visualization in fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast channels. The multi-mode detection module features BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, incorporating variable bandwidth monochromator optics and high sensitivity filter-based detection optics for unmatched performance. Temperature control to 65 °C, shaking, available CO2/O2 control and dual reagent injectors optimize conditions for cell-based imaging and detection. Image capture, data collection and powerful image and data analysis are managed with Gen5™ software, specifically designed for uncomplicated processing of even the most complex assays.

Automated microscopy, specifically live cell microscopy, typically requires complex, expensive hardware and software installations that require a high skill level to operate. BioTek’s Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode reader offers fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast imaging in a modular format that can be combined with fluorescence, luminescence, UV-Vis absorbance and laser-based Alpha detection to bridge the gap between cell-based phenotypic data and quantitative data in a single instrument. The imaging module in Cytation 5 uses a 16-bit monochrome camera, 6-position objective turret and a wide range of LED cubes along with filter cubes, with four color channels available for imaging from 2.5x to 60x magnification. Phase contrast imaging from 4x to 40x is an available module.

Rat kidney cell mitosis at 2040pxMany key features in Cytation 5 address key limitations or complaints of current imaging systems available on the market for live cell microscopy. Cytation 5 and its controlling Gen5 software incorporate an ease-of-use for both imaging and image analysis that saves users hours of setup and optimization time. From CO2/O2 and temperature control setup to advanced image analysis and processing steps, all parameters can be defined with just a few mouse clicks. Image analysis results can then be viewed in intuitive formats, including heat maps, graphs and dose response curves. Image auto-focusing is another key challenge in automated live cell microscopy, especially when debris or dead cells are present in the sample, causing focus failures. Cytation 5’s user- trained autofocus addresses this directly; a user can teach the instrument where the best sample focus plane lies, after which Cytation 5 can consistently and optimally focus by ignoring debris and dead cells that could otherwise divert focus to an incorrect focal plane. This novel autofocus method and other important imaging features, coupled with the available multi-mode detection modules for quantitative data acquisition, make Cytation 5 an essential platform to cell biologists interested in advancing their research capabilities.

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