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December 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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This issue we highlight those companies exhibiting at SLAS2017, the Sixth Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition. The event, which runs Feb. 4-8 in Washington DC, offers participants a world-class scientific program that showcases the top laboratory science and technology podium presentations from industry leaders around the world. While the specific products shown here may not be at the show, their manufacturers and distributors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Wine-Profiling Module

Version 3.1
Booth 346

  • Designed for Bruker’s NMR FoodScreener
  • Fulfils market needs for an improved coverage of white wines in the three most recent vintages and for better coverage of certain regions, appellations, and grape varieties
  • Now based on 19,000 reference samples (an increase of 46% from version 3.0)
  • Delivers easy and cost-efficient analysis for quality and authenticity of samples regarding origin, variety, and the addition of water


Vitrinite Reflectance Measurement System

508 Coal™

  • Designed to determine the grade of coal and coke by vitrinite reflectance
  • Can also be used to acquire fluorescence and reflectance spectra of geological samples in order to more accurately grade them
  • Offers a Raman microspectroscopy feature for petrographic analysis
  • Can automate the vitrinite reflectance measurement process and dramatically improve a laboratory’s throughput and accuracy


Sulphur Chemiluminescence Detector


  • Combines an excellent stability with a 0.3 pg/s S sensitivity as key specifications, without using oxygen
  • Displays excellent linearity, has a superb selectivity, and a true equimolar response
  • Completely new optimized ceramics, electronics, and a true constant flow (by pressure point) in the detector base allow for ultra-stable baselines, providing ultra-low lower detection limits


Triple Quadrupole LC-MS-MS System

perkinelmer QSightQSight™
Booth 623 & 637

  • Offers patented flow-based mass spectrometry that enables laboratories to test highly complex samples and experience increased throughput
  • When combined with PerkinElmer’s Altus® UPLC® instrument, the QSight offers a complete solution from sample preparation to results and reporting for food, industrial, and environmental applications
  • Specializes in detecting a wide range of pesticides that are increasingly found in crops




  • Column line now introduces new mixed-mode selectivities and particle sizes for UHPLC, HPLC, and preparative work—the first is the new Luna Omega Polar C18 stationary phase
  • Unique selectivity on an innovative silica particle delivers a wide elution window and combined high retention for polar and nonpolar analytes
  • New phase is 100 percent aqueous-stable due to a polar-modified surface


Elemental Analyzer (EDXRF)


  • Offers multi-position bulk analysis in addition to a large single-position sample stage with three analysis spot size options—1 mm, 3 mm, and 10 mm
  • A high-resolution camera and LED lighting system allow a sample to be visualized via the software interface
  • Features a 60 kV X-ray tube and Peltier cooled FAST SDD® silicon drift detector


Triple Quadrupole GC-MS

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8050GCMS-TQ8050

  • Newly designed high-sensitivity detector offers an instrument detection limit (IDL) approximately ten times more sensitive than the current system
  • Enables reliable detection of femtogram-level (parts per quadrillion) concentrations of trace components
  • Provides improved long-term stability due to high amplification levels and reduced noise levels
  • Features a new turbomolecular pump and high-efficiency collision cell


ICP-OES Analyzer


  • Latest version features a powerful new generator that brings a new level of performance to routine laboratory analysis in industrial and environmental applications
  • Utilizes UV-PLUS gas purification technology, as well as a OPI-AIR interface that avoids costly, complicated external water cooling
  • Provides faster warmup time for high productivity, excellent matrix compatibility, and longer lifetime


Basic Lab

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber


  • Designed to safely develop latent fingerprints using ethyl cyanoacrylate vapor in a controlled environment
  • Delivers optimum effectiveness and safety where moisture and fuming time are critical factors
  • Tamper resistant compartment helps maintain the chain of custody
  • Air Science Multiplex™ filtration system, together with professional design and unique construction features, offers personnel protection during use

Air Science USA

Adjustable Volume, Single Channel Pipettes

Transferpette® S
Booth 1413

  • Now available in 0.1-2.5µL and 5-50µL sizes
  • Offer excellent performance, comfort, and value
  • Lightweight and fully autoclavable, and accept tips from most manufacturers
  • True one-handed selection, along with light weight and short pipetting stroke, reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury
  • Features an easy-to-read four-digit display for precise volume settings


Modular Confocal Microscope


  • This new class of confocal microscope delivers confocal’s expected high resolution and clean contrast while overcoming its limited scan areas
  • With its fast speeds, this microscope cuts the time required for efficient study of next-generation large format samples
  • Features high-speed strip mosaic imaging
  • Comes in a small 18” x 15” footprint

Caliber I.D. 

High Pressure Electronic Controller


  • Offers a significant advance in technology for electronic pressure control up to 3000 psig
  • Especially useful for research applications involving catalyst reactors
  • Accurately and efficiently controls pressure within a closed system or in applications with small constant flow rates
  • Does not bleed gas when at a steady state pressure, thus preventing the loss of expensive gases through unnecessary exhaust


Particle Imaging and Analysis System

FlowCam® 8100

  • Images at up to 120 frames per second
  • Automatically detects thousands of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds, takes a high-resolution, digital image of each one detected, and measures them in real-time based on their actual size and shape, not by an inference of their size and shape
  • Samples at up to 100% efficiency with limited sample volumes as small as 200µL

Fluid Imaging Technologies

Planetary Mill

PULVERISETTE 6 premium line

  • Suited for fast wet and dry grinding of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, and moist samples
  • Can also be used for mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenizing of larger sample quantities with reliable results down into the nano range
  • Provides extra strong 2.2 kW drive power and extremely high centrifugal acceleration up to 64 g and up to 800 rpm


Portable Refractometer


  • Designed for refractive index and Brix measurement
  • Comes equipped with a wide measurement range (0-85% Brix, 1.3200 ~ 1.500 refractive index)
  • Graphic LCD screen provides an easy view of important data
  • Samples can be taken by either dripping the sample onto the sampling prism, or by dipping the prism into the sample

JM Science 

Thermal Desorption Products


  • Product range includes probes and accessories that sorptively extract volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds for analysis by thermal desorption (TD)–GC–MS
  • Can be used for both immersive extraction from liquids, or headspace sampling from solids
  • Volume of PDMS sorbent on the HiSorb probes is considerably greater than on SPME fibers

Markes International

pH Meter

SevenCompact™ Duo

  • Allows users to start measuring pH and conductivity immediately with a single keystroke
  • Compact design allows efficient measurement of pH and conductivity, simultaneously or independently
  • Provides fast and accurate measurements as well as user-friendly operation
  • Includes menu guidance in 12 languages
  • Multiple peripheral options available


Moisture Analyzers

MB120 and MB90

  • Feature a precisely-controlled halogen heating system which helps to yield fast and repeatable results with readability up to 0.01%
  • Robust housing and die-cast structure is designed for easy, tool-free cleaning and durability
  • MB120’s Temperature Guide helps to analyze a sample and determine the optimal drying temperature
  • Enable users to test more samples in less time


Jacketed Reactor

Orb Pilot

  • Offers flexible and cost-effective pilot scale batch chemistry
  • This user-friendly, floor standing scale-up jacketed reactor provides a combination of performance, versatility, and value for money
  • A choice of vessel sizes from 10 to 50 liters on a single system is available, and it is precision engineered to withstand temperatures from -40 to +235 °C


Rotary Tube Furnace


  • Designed to help reclaim ceramic thin film from a lithium battery production process
  • Includes the furnace, process tube, rotation unit, stand, temperature controls, material feed system, and an afterburner system to be connected to an exhaust, all managed by a PLC control system
  • Features an operating temperature of up to 800°C (1,472°F)


Refrigerated Incubators

Booth 701

  • Feature thermoelectric Peltier technology
  • Designed to provide stable temperatures for the secure incubation of bacteria, yeast, cell cultures, storage of vaccines, and more, without the hazardous refrigerants or large energy consumption that are common with traditional units
  • Provide a consistent temperature environment for incubation applications from five to 70 degrees centigrade, with enhanced accuracy in the range of 15 to 25 degrees

Thermo Fisher Scientific

High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter


  • Particularly well suited to the oil and gas industry for high pressure chemical injection applications, as well as gas measurement applications such as engine test benches, hydrogen fuel stations, and high pressure gas measurement in numerous other industries
  • Available in three different pressure ratings: Up to 15,200 psi (1050 bar), up to 10,000 psi (690 bar), and up to 6,000 psi (414 bar)

TRICOR Coriolis Technology

Online Viscometer

ViscoStar III

  • Designed for polymer and protein characterization
  • Used in conjunction with gel permeation chromatography systems and multi-angle light scattering detectors, the viscometer can determine the molar mass, size, and conformation of all types of macromolecules, including polymers and proteins
  • Provides excellent sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, and stability
  • Is the only viscometer with a “dual” Peltier thermal control

Wyatt Technology

Handheld DO Meter


  • Ruggedized, easy-to-use, reliable, and highly accurate, suited for measuring DO and temperature for wastewater facilities
  • Can be used by operators to spot-check their treatment process, to confirm the accuracy of online instrumentation, and to test the effluent and the receiving waters for compliance
  • Similar to the YSI Pro20 handheld in performance, but has an integrated cable versus a removable cable

YSI (a Xylem brand)

Chemicals, Kits, and Reagants

FFPE Isolation Reagent Kit

FormaPure DNA
Booth 925

  • Provides beyond fit-for-purpose flexibility
  • Offers time savings in the form of reduced turnaround times and less than 15 minutes of hands-on time when automated on a Biomek liquid handler
  • Using a Biomek liquid handler in combination with FormaPure DNA, researchers can process 48 samples in approximately five hours
  • Sold in three kit sizes based on throughput need

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Integrated Workflow System for DNA Samples

TrueMethyl® Whole Genome

  • Designed for processing DNA samples
  • Includes all-in-one reagents for sample conversion, library creation, and indexing, combined with bioinformatic tools to enable accurate DNA modification analysis
  • Designed to reduce experimental costs and improve the ease and accessibility of bisulfite sequencing for researchers
  • Incorporates CEGX’s TrueMethyl oxidative bisulfite (oxBS) technology

Cambridge Epigenetix

ChIP-seq Assay Kit for Histone Methylation

  • Uses solid state technology in parallel with high throughput sequencing to deliver a streamlined ChIP-seq protocol from small cell numbers and low chromatin concentrations to investigate the epigenetic landscape
  • Specifically adapted for broader chromatin concentrations
  • Allows the user to perform up to 24 ChIP assays from cell collection through to immunoprecipitation, including up to ten chromatin sample preparations


sgRNA CRISPR Gene Editing Kit


  • Is the world’s first synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) CRISPR genome editing kit
  • Ships within five days ready-for-transfection, is 100 percent DNA-free, and requires no annealing, saving additional time and money
  • Offers improved editing efficiencies of up to 90 percent and in vivo stability to protect against intracellular exonucleases


Immunoaffinity Kit

SMART Digest
Booth 701

  • Delivers fast, simple, and highly reproducible digestion of proteins for characterization and quantification applications
  • Combines immunocapture and the digestion process in a single well
  • Increases reproducibility and decreases sample preparation time from overnight to a few hours
  • Allows laboratories to increase sample throughput and quality of results while receiving improved return on investment

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Serum and Plasma Kit


  • Can be used for biomarker discovery and advanced liquid biopsy research
  • Enables simple, reliable, and efficient preparation of high-quality circulating cell-free RNA from a variety of biological fluids
  • Uses a combination of chemical and enzymatic methods to efficiently recover total DNA (including cell-free apoptotic, necrotic, mitochondrial, and viral DNA) linearly from up to 10 ml of sample

Zymo Research Corporation 


Informatics Software

V2016.1 of ACD/Spectrus and ACD/Percepta

  • Delivers improved functionality to a broad range of ACD/Labs' offerings
  • Introduces MetaSense—a new metabolite identification solution
  • The Spectrus Platform now provides expanded vendor format support to address the growing market need for analytical data standardization
  • ACD/Percepta updates include the improvement of various prediction models, including the industry-standard pKa and logD algorithms


Open Source File Reader for Imaging

  • Glencoe Software and ZEISS will collaborate to extend the open source Bio-Formats® image file conversion library to support whole slide images compressed with the JPEG XR compression scheme, like those recorded by the ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 virtual slide scanner
  • Will allow the worldwide Bio-Formats® user community, including researchers, pathologists, and imaging specialists to use the output of this collaboration

Glencoe Software


Chromatogram Modeler


  • Now offers advanced options for selecting phases, changing carrier gases and control parameters, further optimizing results, and much more
  • Updated based on user feedback, allowing chromatographers to develop and optimize GC methods more efficiently and effectively
  • Free and easy to use
  • Allows users to start with either the column they have or a column recommended by the program, and more


Library Update for Narcotics Analyzer

Booth 701

  • Newest library update for the Thermo Scientific TruNarc handheld narcotics analyzer allows law enforcement agents, narcotics officers, and customs personnel to quickly and safely detect street drug W-18 and other lethal drugs
  • Adds dibutylone, furanyl fentanyl, and U-47700 to the onboard library, which now includes nearly 300 suspected narcotics and narcotics precursors and an additional 80 common cutting agents

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Automation

Sample Management Co-Bot


  • This portable benchtop automation device allows labs to reduce risks associated with manually processing (capping) blood tubes while also offering time saving features in relation to refrigerated sample management
  • Uses a combination of robotics, process control, and software to reduce repetitive, high risk tasks while also increasing efficiency
  • Can process up to 550 samples an hour

M2 Scientifics

Digital Dispenser

Booth 725

  • Designed for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volumes
  • Suited for the creation of assay plates, and can cut set-up times from hours or days to just minutes
  • Compatible with a wide range of microplate formats from 12 to 1,536 wells, including deep-well plates and can even accommodate SBS-format tube racks



Life Science

DNA Analysis System

PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2

  • This compact dual block system for flexible and cost-effective DNA analysis features a unique reporting and diagnostic function
  • Complements PCRmax’s existing Alpha Cycler range
  • Allows for small- to medium-sized groups with multiple users to access a high performance unit that is compact and cost-effective
  • Includes software that is user-friendly and intuitive

Bibby Scientific

Glycated Serum Protein Diabetic Biomarker Test


  • Verified for use on the Siemens Vista chemistry analyzer
  • Enhances the versatility of the Vista system for the specialized glycemic monitoring of diabetics with hemoglobinopathies, or conditions that affect red blood cell lifespan
  • Provides laboratories with a simple, sensitive, and fast alternative glycemic monitoring test without the endogenous substance interference typically observed in NBT-based colorimetric assays

EKF Diagnostics 

Reporter System for Genome-Editing


  • Speeds the production of transgenic animals
  • Helps detect which embryos or cells have undergone activation of precise genome editing events
  • First deployed in the simple worm, C elegans
  • Knudra plans to adapt RecombiREAD as a commercial product for mice and rat model organism research, as well as application in the plant and livestock industry to speed up trait selection


Haematology FISH Probes


  • Range now includes 14 new probes
  • Optimized for use on common sample types and are sold as pre-mixed, easy-to-use formulations to minimize experimental errors
  • Produced under GMP/GLP guidelines using the Cytocell BAC-2-FISH™ process, combining high-intensity signals with low levels of background fluorescence and providing maximum confidence in results

Oxford Gene Technology

NGS Custom Cancer Panels

SureSeq myPanel™

  • Provide scientists with completely customized, pre-optimized next generation sequencing (NGS) probe panels relevant to their research
  • The comprehensive library of gene content covers key cancer types including, myeloid, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), ovarian, and breast
  • Deliver excellent coverage completeness and uniformity, and are regularly updated for maximum relevance to current research

Oxford Gene Technology 

Single-Cell Isolation System


  • Enables cost-efficient, accurate single-cell analysis for next-generation sequencing, polymerase chain reaction, and other downstream applications
  • Adds to QIAGEN’s Sample to Insight portfolio of solutions for single-cell analysis in research fields such as oncology, immunology, neurobiology, and stem-cell biology
  • Provides an easy, fast, and cost-effective method to isolate single cells from any sample


Single-Use Loop Assemblies

Booth 719

  • Sartorius’ polyethersulfone membrane is now integrated into the two new, sterile Sartocon® benchtop and production scale filtration assemblies
  • Guarantee rapid and safe ultrafiltration of biologics and vaccines
  • Due to the fully enclosed design, the assemblies are ideal for safely purifying vaccines and recombinant proteins, as well as monoclonal antibody manufacturing


Transcriptome Profiling Assays

Clariom Pico
Booth 701

  • This next generation family of transcriptome profiling tools is designed to provide a fast and simple path to discovery
  • Clariom D Pico and Clariom S Pico are designed primarily for translational researchers to accelerate the discovery and validation of complex biomarker signatures derived from both coding and non-coding RNA across the whole transcriptome
  • Based on industry-leading microarray technology

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplies and Consumables

Pump Accessories

Steritest™ Symbio
Booth 229

  • Accelerate and streamline sterility testing workflows
  • Address testing challenges in various laboratory settings and enhance safety and convenience during sample handling, filtration, and waste management as well as canister transport, incubation, and reading
  • Increase usable space for testing and integrate seamlessly with the Steritest™ Symbio LFH pump, Symbio ISL pump, and Symbio FLEX pump in laminar flow hoods, clean rooms, and isolators


Process Chromatography Resin

TOYOPEARL® Sulfate-650F

  • This strong cation exchange resin exhibits high salt tolerance
  • Allows for lowered operating costs by offering higher dynamic binding capacities for IgG
  • Can easily achieve a dynamic binding capacity of >120 g/L of monoclonal antibody (mAb) and exhibits excellent pressure-flow properties at 30 cm ID up to 500 cm/hr (0.2 MPa)

Tosoh Bioscience