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photo of the iron rocket product for engineering polymer analytical techniques
Photo provided by BioChromato

Detecting Early-Stage Degradation in Engineering Polymers

Research, development, and quality control

by BioChromato

Engineering polymers are a class of plastic materials that are durable and rugged. Due to these useful properties, this type of polymer is widely used in manufacturing industries and for production of consumer goods. Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is an example of a thermoplastic engineering polymer that is favored for automotive, electronics, and sportswear applications. While PBT is resistant to wear, chlorine oxidation, and discoloration due to UV radiation, it is important to be able evaluate its degree of degradation for products under development.

Traditionally, analytical techniques using FT-IR, durometer, and extensometer instruments were employed to investigate PBT degradation. However, these techniques are relatively insensitive to detecting degradation during its initial stage. 

Download this resource now to see how using thermal desorption and pyrolysis combined with direct analysis in real time-mass spectrometry (TDP/DART-MS) is a useful method for analyzing complex mixtures such as degraded products, courtesy of BioChromato.