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Development of Lateral Flow Assays using Gold Nanoparticles and Nanoshells

A compendium of recently published peer-review articles

Lateral flow assays, also known as immunochromatographic assays, are self-contained, portable devices that meet the essential requirements for use as point-of-care diagnostics. They are low-cost, user-friendly, and offer high sensitivity and selectivity for detection or quantification of biomolecules in complex samples including blood, urine, saliva, and other fluids. 

Gold nanoparticles are exceptionally strong absorbers of light and are therefore one of the most common types of reporter particles, producing ruby red test lines. Further, the gold surface has a natural affinity for proteins and can be easily functionalized with ligands for covalent coupling, facilitating the fabrication of nanoparticle-antibody conjugates.

Download this compendium now to learn about how gold nanoparticles and nanoshells offer a clear advantage in stability, reproducibility, dynamic range, and sensitivity.

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