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Digi-Sense™ Products from Cole-Parmer Available with TraceableLIVE® Wireless Technology

Remotely monitor environments and get alerts before valuable samples are lost

by Cole-Parmer
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TraceableLIVE® Wireless Technology August 17, 2017, Vernon Hills, Ill. — Workers can now stay connected to their environment 24/7 when they choose Digi-Sense data loggers equipped with TraceableLIVE wireless technology. This technology is ideal for those who want to monitor critical environments and get alerts wherever they go. Plus, the included NIST-traceable calibration at a noncalibrated price provides value, accuracy and peace-of-mind. 

TraceableLIVE securely connects to data via Wi-Fi on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The cloud-based interface requires no additional software, and connecting is simple and easy with a low-cost TraceableLIVE subscription. Once setup is complete, workers can view conditions in realtime; set alarm parameters; view data logging history; generate data reports in real time; get email, text and push notifications; and receive alerts for temperature alarm, connectivity interruption and low battery.

Digi-Sense data loggers equipped with TraceableLIVE provide a simple, efficient and reliable way to ensure critical samples are not compromised due to parameter variations. The data loggers are also equipped with NIST-Traceable calibration, which means reliable measurements right out of the box saving both time and money. The following four Digi-Sense data loggers have these features:

  • Digi-Sense Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers with a range of 32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C)
  • Digi-Sense Ultra-Low Temperature Data Loggers to measure down to –130°F (–90°C)
  • Digi-Sense Multiparameter Data Loggers to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, or barometric pressure levels
  • Digi-Sense Data Logging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers with the choice of four different temperature probe styles

For more information about Digi-Sense products equipped with TraceableLIVE wireless technology, go to 

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