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Digital Microscope Camera Delivers Good Value for Standard Brightfield Imaging

Make capturing quality brightfield images affordable with the LC35 microscope camera

Microscope next to a computer with the new Evident camera attached on a white background

The camera integrates seamlessly with Olympus life science and industrial imaging systems

by Evident Scientific
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WALTHAM, MA — The LC35 microscope camera makes capturing quality brightfield images affordable. With a 3.5-megapixel CMOS sensor and versatile exposure times and resolution modes, the camera provides quality brightfield images in a cost-effective package.

Value and performance

Flexible for use with a wide range of samples under different observation conditions, the LC35 camera delivers the detail needed for routine imaging, inspection, and documentation. The frame rate of up to 40 frames per second (fps) makes navigating around the sample fast to achieve precise focusing and fast image capture.

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Seamless support and upgradeability

The camera integrates seamlessly with Olympus life science and industrial imaging systems, including full microscope set up assistance, software support and optical compatibility. For basic imaging and documentation, customers can use our free LCmicro software, while advanced image analysis is possible using cellSens™ software for life science and OLYMPUS Stream™ and PRECiV™ software for industrial applications.

Fast, easy set up

Installing the camera is simple—a single USB 3.1 cord provides power and a fast connection to your PC or laptop. The camera easily mounts to any light microscope using different C-mount adaptors. Using the camera is just as easy. With only a little training, operators can use the camera to its full potential, including interactive measurements, commenting on images, archiving, and creating reports.

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