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Digital Microscopy for QA/QC

Join lab manager Linda and her team as they learn more about the DSX1000 digital microscope for QA/QC in industrial and manufacturing applications

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DSX1000 Digital Microscope

The new DSX1000 digital microscope combines the quality of renowned Olympus optics with the ease of use of digital technologies. Measure and observe a variety of materials with guaranteed high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision using a single instrument.

Six Key Values of the DSX1000

  1. Guaranteed accuracy and precision*
  2. Quick change lenses
  3. Find the best image between six observation methods: brightfield (BF), oblique, darkfield (DF), MIX (BF and DF), simple polarization (PO), differential interference contrast (DIC), and contrast enhancement observation functions
  4. See your sample from many angles using the DSX1000 digital microscope’s eucentric optical design
  5. Objective lenses from 20x–7,000x

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*To guarantee XY accuracy, calibration work must be undertaken by an Olympus service technician.

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