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Webinar: Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Planning and Recovery
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Disaster Planning and Recovery
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss the tools managers need in order to safeguard their staff, their science, and themselves

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Advance preparation, training, and education is of vital importance for those who manage a lab. Lab managers may be faced with split-second decisions concerning a wide range of potentially dangerous situations, and it is important that managers have the tools they need in order to safeguard their staff, their science, and themselves. This webinar will begin with an overview of worst-case scenarios to illustrate just how bad a disaster can be for a laboratory. Next, 13 key points to consider when writing a disaster preparedness plan for a laboratory will be discussed. With these 13 practical points, attendees will walk away from this webinar with all the information they need to write their own disaster preparedness plans and to protect their labs, samples, animals, and data should a disaster strike. Finally, lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis that will now become permanent parts of any good, laboratory disaster plan will be discussed.

Key Points: 

  1. How disasters can affect laboratories
  2. 13 key points needing to be considered to write an effective disaster preparedness plan
  3. Lessons learned from COVID-19 to be permanently included in laboratory disaster preparedness plans