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Distek's New Single-Use Bioreactor System Allows for An Easy Transition

System allows lab workers to switch to single-use format, yet continue to use their current equipment

by Distek
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Distek SUB SystemA new single-use bioreactor (SUB) system from Distek aims to help those working in mammalian cell growth and recombinant protein production who are looking to easily switch to such SUB technology.

The new pre-sterilized BIOne system is engineered with a disposable headplate welded to a tri-layer liner that can be easily inserted into a non-sterile bioreactor glass vessel, converting it to a sterile, disposable SUB within a matter of seconds with minimal investment.

“Our expansion into the biotech arena marks another major milestone in Distek’s longstanding company history,” says Jeff Brinker, president of Distek. “As the bioreactor market continues shifting to single use technologies, our BIOne product line will offer an innovative approach to greatly assist our customers in the transition from autoclavable reactors.”

The patent pending BIOne SUB liner helps make the switch easy for users, molding to and mimicking their existing glass system, allowing lab professionals to continue using their existing cabinet, probes, motor, heating jacket, and recipes.

Thus, the Distek BIOne reduces turnaround time by allowing users to seamlessly transition to a disposable platform while utilizing their existing equipment, without compromising the scalability of their current process.

“This is a very exciting product launch for us on many levels,” says Jeff Seely, vice president of sales and business development at Distek. “Not only are we expanding our business into a new marketspace but we are immediately establishing Distek as an innovator just as we have been doing for over 40 years in small molecule dissolution testing.”

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