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Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Sample Management

Learn how the VP of sample management at Evotec skillfully manages biological samples

A major issue in using today’s databases for storing sample and compound inventory information is the diverse nature of the samples available. Especially as drug discovery moves away from solely chemical-based libraries towards biologicals in libraries, the existing database software may not be able to record all the correct parameters, or tracking tags, for biological samples. This leads to biological reagents and samples being stored in multiple databases, which makes the process of ordering and booking out material far more complicated. 

This interview with Evotec vice president of sample management, Fabrice Turlais, PhD, provides insight into methods for improving how you manage digital samples of biologicals.

Highlights from the Q&A: 

  • Overcoming challenges associated with digital sample management of biologicals
  • Methods for improving the sample management process 
  • Benefits of a database for biological entities 
  • The dangers of not having universal standards 
  • Insight into future developments
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Download the interview now to learn more about overcoming the challenges of digital sample management.

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