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Drug Discovery Resource Guide 

Discover innovative technologies and methods with the potential to transform drug discovery and therapeutics research

Pharmaceutical drugs play a definitive role in improving the lives of patients and allowing doctors to safely monitor and modulate disease. The end goal for any potential drug is an effective treatment for diseases that do not have useful therapies and could be life-threatening. Drug discovery follows the efforts of researchers to identify and characterize molecules that have the potential to be therapeutic agents.  

Explore various facets of the drug discovery and development process and gain expert insights into research innovations surrounding therapeutics that you can adapt into your laboratory workflows.

Traditional drug research and development is a slow process and is multi-disciplinary in nature. Optimizing the drug discovery process can not only help researchers find efficient means to identify effective therapeutic agents but also pave the way for lower costs and greater profits in the development and production of new medicines. 

Download this resource guide to learn more about:  

  • Effective data management techniques from the bench
  • Incorporation of AI to speed up the drug discovery process
  • Adapting organ-on-a-chip models toward greater advances in drug development,
  • 3D characterization of drug therapies and their targets using Cryo-EM
  • Innovations in drug development using RNA sequencing 

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