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Ductless Fume Hoods: When, Where, Why and How

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss why using ductless hoods should be considered, and how they are safe to use

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The proper use of ductless fume hoods requires thought, compliance with standards, some math and always a pre-qualification of the application. Ask Jesse and Ken your questions of when, where, and why ductless hoods should be considered and how they are safe to use. Reducing over-ventilation will provide annual operating cost savings, and likely a reduction in HVAC system size will provide first cost savings too. Industry standards require certain safety measures such as redundant filters, chemical breakthrough sensors and application reviews. Prequalifying the application will assure the proper filtration configuration is selected, and therefore the hood users are safe, and the filters will last long enough to deliver the expected savings.


Jesse Coiro
Director of Health & Healthcare
Erlab, Inc

Ken Crooks
Director GFH Technology
Erlab, Inc

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