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DuraChill Benchtop Chiller—Powerful Cooling Performance in a Compact Package

Deliver superior temperature ranges down to -30°C, and combine innovation, ease of use, and consistent performance without taking up valuable floor space

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At PolyScience, our award-winning line of precise temperature control equipment has been manufactured in the United States for 60 years with the same core values in mind—quality reliability, durability, and...

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Full Color Touchscreen Display

Our touchscreen interface and visual menus are easy to negotiate, easy to read and program. A liquid level sensor and five language options are a small part of the information available at your fingertips.

Smaller Footprint

The new DuraChill Benchtop Chiller is our most compact chiller yet and gives you the room you need to work while providing you the power and temperature range you need.

Broader Temperature Range

As low as -30°C, DuraChill Benchtop allows for a wider range of operations. With the potential to reach -30°C, it’s the coolest Benchtop Chiller in the industry.

Diagnostic Self-Test

At any time, users can compare current performance against data stored on the day the chiller was first manufactured, allowing for quick and definitive troubleshooting of any performance issues that may arise in your chiller. 

Liquid Level Sensor

Our new state-of-the-art capacitance liquid level sensor will give you a visual and audible alarm with your liquid level starts to run low. It will also shut down to prevent the pump from premature failure. 

Remote Probe

Control a jacketed reactor or any other process that requires a secondary temperature sensor.  Easily change the point of temperature from inside the chiller to the probe location.

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PolyScience DuraChill Recirculating Chiller

Deliver superior temperature ranges down to -30°C without taking up valuable floor space

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