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DWK Life Sciences Introduces Ready-To-Use High-Recovery Workflow Solution Designed for Containment of High-Value Biological Products

Specialized borosilicate glass vials with secure closures and pretreatment options are custom packaged to improve customer workflows.

by DWK Life Sciences
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MILLVILLE, NJ, July 23, 2019 – A collection of packaging products and services designed to enhance security and minimize waste of high-value diagnostic products is available from DWK Life Sciences, the world's leading supplier of precision labware and packaging. Consisting of vials, closures, and services to integrate the products with the customer's workflow, the Packaging and Production Workflow Solution includes NextGen V and E-Z Ex-Traction vials, which are specially designed to maximize sample access with a syringe or pipette tip, paired with a selection of closure systems consisting of stoppers, seals, and caps. Once the appropriate vial and closure are selected, a comprehensive range of pretreatment and preparation services, including sterilization, are offered to meet customer applications, such as the primary packaging of lyophilized proteins, antibodies, and other compounds. DWK Life Sciences makes it easy to specify containers, closures, pre-treatments, packaging, quality certifications, and delivery options by assigning a single order number (SKU) for the combined order.  

DWK's Packaging and Production Workflow Solution includes NextGen V and E-Z Ex-Traction vialsDWK's Packaging and Production Workflow Solution includes NextGen V and E-Z Ex-Traction vials.Credit: DWK Life Sciences“Customers responded immediately to our Packaging and Production Workflow Solution featuring High Recovery Containment systems, so we made the services available for our other products used in the clinical and diagnostic market,” said Rick Schwartz, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DWK Life Sciences. “This suite of services and capabilities is available for our line of vials and dropper bottles as well,” he added.  

Both the WHEATON® NextGen V Vials and E-Z Ex-Traction Vials feature specialty wells, designed to maximize sample recovery. Both vials are made from low extractable chemically resistant borosilicate glass that meets USP Type 1 and ASTM E 438 Type 1 Class A requirements. Customers specify clear or amber glass, with or without graduations, and crimp or threaded neck finish. Closure choices include screw caps made from phenolic or polypropylene, or aluminum crimp caps, both of which accommodate 14B Styrene-Butadiene or bonded PTFE-faced silicon liners, or latex-free bromobutyl stoppers. Closure systems meet Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), ISO, ASTM, and European DIN quality standards are usable in water for injection (WFI) applications, and in compliance with US, European, and Japanese pharmacopeias. 

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To order in ready-to-use condition, customers select from numerous custom services, including particulate cleaning with a choice of USP or WFI compliant rinses; endotoxin inactivation by depyrogenation to meet USP and FDA standards; sterilization by gamma irradiation or other methods; siliconization and silanization for minimizing interactions between product and container; application of customer-specified barcodes; and, providing the vial and closure with a tare weight for precise filling and weighing. Vials are shipped in bulk pack configurations, shrink-wrapped in a low-particulate cellular tray to ensure that they maintain a high level of cleanliness, and delivered ready-to-use with USP certifications for traceability.  

For more DWK Life Science Packaging and Production Workflow Solutions, customers may contact their DWK Life Sciences representative, or visit for more information. 

About DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of premium glass, plastics, custom configurations, and packaging solutions, combining the strengths of three global leading brands: DURAN®, WHEATON®, and KIMBLE®. The Company's products and services offer global customers the most comprehensive range of labware for scientific research and analytical applications, as well as solutions for storage and packaging. With a global manufacturing footprint and extensive distribution network, DWK Life Sciences enables customers to accelerate the pace of research, discovery, and scientific applications while providing supply chain security.