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Editor's Buzz - Jul 14/09

"Lab management would suffer without the multiple perspectives and experiences afforded by a diverse workforce. 'The key to innovation, in economic terms, resides inside the heads of people -- the more diverse the better.'"

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with Pam Ahlberg

The quote comes from our July/August cover story, which should be in your hands next week. In the article, John Borchardt looks at the question of diversity in the lab workplace and what, if any, progress has been made. He also discusses some of the challenges lab managers face with regard to hiring and managing a culturally diverse team. Regardless of those challenges, most seem to agree that it's well worth the effort.

Tony Montana, vice president of scientific operations for Garden State Nutraceuticals, notes, "Our structural analysis team consists of five members, each of a different cultural background. Their backgrounds and education are quite diverse from each other. Nevertheless, they communicate quite effectively as a team, and the diversity of their backgrounds allows each to present [his or her] own different views and opinions in regard to problem solving. They have established themselves as one of the most productive and innovative teams within our organization."

How well is your lab doing in this regard? What have your challenges been? What have been the rewards? Please share your thoughts.


Pam Ahlberg
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