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Editor's Buzz - May 8/09

Research institutions all over the country are vying for a share of the $21.5 billion federal research money available under the stimulus package. Our survey says one of those institutions might be yours.

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with Pam Ahlberg

Based on a recent Lab Manager Magazine survey, we learned that nearly 44 percent of you have applied for Federal Stimulus Plan grant money - 46 percent from academia, followed by 12.7 percent from hospital or medical centers, and 12.7 percent from pharmaceutical/biotech firms.

If you're one of those, how difficult was the application process; what are your chances; has the money begun to flow?

In a recent article in The Scientist, author Alastair J.J. Wood said, "Were it not that the purpose of the bill was to attempt a rescue of our teetering economy, this would indeed be a time to celebrate. The additional funds to the scientific enterprise are sorely needed and long overdue, but it is hard not to have some misgivings at the manifest "short termism" of the overall scientific funding process."

Two years from now, when the stimulus money will be gone, are you concerned that people and projects will be yanked abruptly?

Care to weigh in?


Pam Ahlberg
Lab Manager Magazine