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Editor's Buzz - Oct 10/08

The economy, the election, your business. If thats not on your mind these days, youre lucky or not paying attention. Lab Manager Magazine is looking at all of these topics with the hopes of shedding some light.

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with Pam Ahlberg

I recently came across a web site in which McCain and Obama answer the top 14 science questions facing America – sharing their views on issues of environment, health and medicine, and science and technology policy. It’s worth checking out.

Regarding the economy, we at Lab Manager Magazine are working on a feature article for the November/December issue that will look at the impact this downturn is having on the laboratory market as well as suggestions for weathering the storm.

This week we featured news about a Brookhaven National Lab program that provides grant money to local nonprofits to promote science and math to under-represented members of the community. What, if anything, does your lab do in the way of community outreach? Please share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Pam Ahlberg
Lab Manager Magazine