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ELGA® Purelab® Quest

The only 3-in-1 lab water purification system available today

ELGA® Purelab® Quest

From tap to 18.2MΩ·cm, all your lab application needs are covered in one single unit.


Delivers Three Types of Water:

Type I water can be used for analytical applications, such as HPLC and molecular biology techniques. Type II water can be used for applications, including buffers and general chemistry. Type III water can be used for glassware rinsing and feed water to Type I systems.

Cost Effective:

 The PURELAB Quest is an advanced, yet affordable system that delivers three types of water from one unit, meaning your budget goes further. Its space saving design means a more efficient team and, therefore, a more efficient lab. COMPACT DESIGN: The PURELAB Quest system can be placed on the benchtop, or it can be easily wall mounted, saving valuable space in the lab. The dimensions of the unit are 9.1 inches wide x 20.1 inches tall x 16.6 inches deep.

Compact Design: 

A “plug and play” installation process and easy to change consumables give quick access to lab water. Easy menu navigation is available in multiple languages. The system also offers pre-programed annual sanitization, which is carried out with minimal user intervention and without exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Simple and Intuitive:

The PURELAB Quest system is IoT enabled with AQUAVISTATM, Veolia Water Technologies’ platform for digital services. Its optional remote monitoring reduces interruptions, costs, and environmental impact. The system is supported by a global network of water purification experts.


The PURELAB Quest is made from more than 85% reclaimed materials and is designed with long-lasting consumables. The system has been tested through 150,000 cycles of dispensing, which is equivalent to over 20 years of lab use. ELGA LabWater is part of the world’s largest environmental services organization, Veolia.

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