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Engineering Controls to Support Laboratory Science—More than Just a Biosafety Cabinet

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As the medical research and drug development fields continue to evolve rapidly, the boundaries of biocontainment engineering controls continue to be stretched to support research and cGMP-compliant facilities. The proliferation of cell and gene therapies and personalized medicines, combined with recent advancements in robotics and automation, have expanded the need to contain hazardous bioaerosols while still providing controls for cGMP-quality product sterility. While biosafety cabinets, including features and materials of construction supportive of quality validation and compliance, continue to play a critical role in facility engineering controls, modular and adaptable large-scale enclosures are needed to integrate lab automation workflows and equipment into these spaces. The Baker Company remains the pioneers of our industry and offers the highest standard of air containment while accommodating the needs of these specialized facilities.


Kiersten Owen
Senior Field Application Scientist
Baker Company

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