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Ensuring Rapid and Efficient Cell Line Development

Fulfill critical needs along the entire span of the CLD workflow 

Cell line development (CLD) is the engineering of a cell line, often mammalian, to produce a therapeutic biomolecule or biologic. It allows scientists to tailor cultures depending on the applications and desired properties of the targeted product. The process includes the screening of thousands of clones to find those that are stable, produce high yields of the bioproduct and exhibit desired critical quality attributes. 

During the process, cells must be monitored for viability, morphology, density, and monoclonality. Due to the high number of clones screened upstream, analytics that enable high-throughput screening at the various stages of the process are desirable.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about: 

Ensuring Rapid and Efficient Cell Line Development
  • High-throughput image-verified cloning
  • Measurement of cell count and viability
  • Cell culture and media optimization
  • Bioassays for functional characterization
  • And more

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